Friday, February 24, 2012

Top 60 OF

I have been waiting on the Braun decision before releasing my top 60 OF for 2012. Sounds to me he was guilty and won on a technicality. That technicality was chain of evidence, it was somehow compromised. For someone who has testified frequently on chain of custody issues in court he was very, very lucky to win this dispute. Anyway his win is Fantasy baseball’s win too.

Has anyone heard Kemp’s comment about possibly having a 50/50 season? 50 HR in the post PED era is something that will not happen more than a couple times a decade from here on out. My bet is Stanton will be the next to hit over 50. As far as the top 60 go after the top tier it is a compilation of similar talents. Some will look to be as consistent as ever, some are looking to bounce back, Rios and Choo in particular.  Most of baseball’s 20/20 guys will come from the OF position. Many will have a year where they flirt with 25/25.

Personally when drafting this year I will tend to fill my infield spots and then draft OF with 20/20 potential, Young, Pence, Gordon, Upton, Heyward, and Stubbs ECT. From there I will go with BA and speed guys like Jennings, Gardner, Bourne, and Crisp. My one true sleeper in the OF this year is de Aza for the Pale Hose. He could be a 20/20 guy and bat .300 from the lead-off spot and go late in most drafts.

With Crawford expected to miss a few weeks to start the season I would be worried. Wrist injuries are notorious for hitter coming back. It has been rumored Ichiro could move to the 3rd hole to start the season…forget about it…it’s a ploy to sell season ticket.

One of my boldest projections this year is that 12 OF get over 40 SB this year. Make sure you draft speed or you will be chasing in that category all year.

Anyway here are my top 60 OF. Do you agree, disagree, or want to kick me in the knee? Remeber complete projections for over 300+ players coming very soon.

Matt Kemp
Jose Bautista
Ryan Braun
Jacoby Ellsbury
Justin Upton
Carlos Gonzalez
Josh Hamilton
Mike Stanton
Curtis Granderson
Andrew McCutchen
Hunter Pence
Matt Holliday
Shin-Soo Choo
Nelson Cruz
Jay Bruce
Alex Gordon
B.J. Upton
Lance Berkman
Adam Jones
Michael Morse
Desmond Jennings
Ben Zobrist
Chris Young
Drew Stubbs
Brett Gardner
Carlos Beltran
Nick Markakis
Logan Morrison
Jason Heyward
Torii Hunter
Jose Tabata
Corey Hart
Andre Ethier
Howard Kendrick
Alejandro de Aza
Yonder Alonso
Jeff Francoeur
Carlos Lee
Jayson Werth
Carl Crawford
Michael Bourn
Adam Lind
Shane Victorino
Ichiro Suzuki
Nick Swisher
Mike Carp
Coco Crisp
Martin Prado
Chris Heisey
Melky Cabrera
Brandon Belt
Michael Cuddyer
Peter Bourjos
Austin Jackson
Yoenis Cespedes
Alex Rios
Jordan Schafer
Matt Joyce
Carlos Quentin
Cameron Maybin

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