Sunday, February 12, 2012

Top Prospects - MLB or MILB?

Top 4 Prospects MLB or MILB

You will probably have to find a way to draft smart, and stash these prospects away on your roster until they find the way to the big game. If you are in a keeper league this could be very helpful for not only your future, but perhaps a playoff berth. Trying to find a push into the postseason, or perhaps have an extra roster spot or two for your keepers next year, look here for keepers to gamble on to start the season in the big show, or perhaps sometime in 2012.

OF-Bryce Harper

Harper started off the 2011 season with a bang in Hagerstown with the suns. Not only is he just a kid, but it showed on and off the field. I have experience what I call, “Harper Attitude”, many of times. Many people showed up during the 2011 Low-A season of the Suns just because of Harper. He showed his ‘Harper Attitude’, towards not only umpires, and the opposing team, but also to the fans. Numerous times he shrugged fans off, after all they seek was a meaningful look their way. Harper would run/jog from the clubhouse to the dugout with his head down, and no acknowledgement to the fans, to the people who pay to see this so called, ‘superstar’. This is Low-A, this is an 18 yr old kid, you act this way already? I was glad once Harper finished his 72nd game in Hagerstown, why? He was promoted and he was no longer a headache or a disappointment to the local fans that support this Low-A ball club year in and year out. Harper is a great athlete and I am not knocking that, however, there is more to just baseball, I call it professionalism. If he succeeds into the MLB great, if not, I don’t feel one ounce of pity. Harper did have an injury in AA ball, and with only getting 37 games under his belt in AA and no AAA experience, the Nats need to take their time with him and make the call up a permanent one. I predict AA

OF-Mike Trout

Yes, the anticipation of Mike Trout is troubling to us all who have him owned. We have been hearing his name as possibly the best MILB player the past two years. He did struggle in 2011 in the big show, however, no need to worry about his start in 2012. With the Angels having outfield as the least of their worries, Trout more than likely starts the season in AAA. Vernon Wells in LF, Bourjos in CF, and Hunter in RF, there is nowhere to plug Trout. Don’t even think about a DH spot for the past named players, which are another spot the Angels are not worrying about. Newly acquisition of 1B slugger Albert Pujols, which leaves the DH spot, opens to Mark Trumbo and Kendry Morales. Morales is still battling injuries from his famous home plate leap in 2010 is not as favored for the position as Mark Trumbo is. Trumbo did his deed in 2011 belting 29 HR, and knocking in 87 RBI, for a 25 year old player at the time is nice stats to have. I predict AAA

RHP- Julio Teheran

Julio has the potential to reach second hole starting pitcher potential. He also has the potential to keep himself out of it. He holds his own destiny, and I feel he will be a great asset to the Atlanta Braves. He did smell the MLB last year in 19 inning of work, and more work he will need to polish himself from the mistakes of 2011. The Braves have some pitching injuries to worry about, with the health of Tommy Hanson and his right shoulder tendinitis, Tim Hudson which reports have him out until early or late may with a November 28th schedule back surgery, and possibly Jair Jurrjens who was being shopped around all winter long. If either Hanson or Hudson starts the season on the DL, Teheran will have a chance to shine. I will not go into detail about Teheran and his potential as I wrote about him previously. I predict MLB

RHP- Shelby Miller

From my previous post on Miller: “I have heard several things about Millers position with the Cardinals, either, he is a future closer, or perhaps stick him in the rotation. Whatever they decide, he will produce in either role. He has a plus fastball, which will reach mid 90’s, although on occasion will hit upper 90’s. His curveball has a very nice 12-6 curveball, at which times are better than others, but the pitch has improved. His change-up could use some work, with a little difficulty locating on the corners.” Rumor mill had the Cards talking one year deals with Roy Oswalt and Edwin Jackson. I stick with the younger arm, and as of now, non injured player. Oswalt who experienced back problems in 2011, as had several offers, especially from the Blue Jays and Indians which he turned down. St. Louis has a good starting rotation, as it could always improve, however, I don’t think the Cardinals will rush Miller, but perhaps he could come up this summer, and earn the role of the Closer. He would fit nicely in the young closers clubs are adapting to these days; notable young closers are Craig Kimbrel of Atlanta, and Drew Storen of the Nationals. I predict AAA

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