Monday, February 6, 2012

YAHOO! 2012 Changes to Fantasy Baseball

New facts about Yahoo’s Fantasy Baseball site: As many have stated this past month, Yahoo will open the Tuesday after the Super Bowl. From the info I have gathered it looks as though they will open on Thursday this year. Many new features include Franchising, draft pick trading, new pro leagues. Here are some of the new features and dates.

Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball runs throughout the entire 2012 baseball regular season, which begins on Wednesday, March 28, and is scheduled to end on Wednesday, October 3. Registration is scheduled to begin on Thursday, Feb. 9, and continue until Sunday, June 17.

Make your league more strategic by allowing trades of next year’s picks.

Know what next year's draft picks will be so you can keep up with league activity.

All private leagues can trade draft picks

With the all new Franchises, Fantasy Baseball takes on a whole new level of game ownership.

·       Invite last year's league members to manage their teams from last year

·       Invite new managers to run one of last year's teams

·       Invite a new manager to the league to manage a new team

·       Finalize your league's team list for easier draft and keeper management

·         by allowing trades of next year’s picks.

Here are the features of Pro League:

·       Win up to $125

·       Compete to win cash prizes in public head-to-head league

·       Entry Fee: $20

·       Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place

·       Unlimited teams and leagues

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