Monday, January 2, 2012

Projected Standings From Fantasy Game Day's Slow Mock Draft

After concluding the draft I compiled every team's projected placement in each counting category. From there I ranked each team accordingly. I felt I drafted fantastic across each category and my final projected score told the same story. Using my projections (which I will post for over 300 players in the next month) I finished half a point out of 1st place. Here are the final standings. If you would like to see a specific team's projections or the entire leagues feel free to email for the spread sheet. It just wont fit properly in the space I have available on my site. Kelly at Fantasy Game Day is posting comments on each round. Hit this link too participate.

1Mike Lester139.5
2Brett Barton139
3Dan Schwartz129
4Yoram Batner124
5Scott Niemisto113.5
6Greg Sullivan110
7Tim McLeod106.5
8Dan Kercher101.5
8Joshua Feiger101.5
10Markus Potter100
11Tom Liszka84.5
12Tad Blooth83.5
13Marc Rogovin79
14Scott Gilroy78
15Joel Hanard71.5
16Scot Nesbihak71

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