Saturday, January 7, 2012


Continuing with the AL Central
The Indians are a team that has as good a chance as any to win the weak AL Central. The players I have chosen to write about are heading in drastically different directions. One is under the radar and can be picked up late. The other one will be considered a “great rebound pick” and selected way to early in all drafts.
Jason Kipnis 2B
Drafted in the second round of the 2009 draft out of Arizona State University, Kipnis is one prospects/rookies that needs to be on your watch list. He has hit over .300 at every level in the minors, his last full season in Triple A he had 518 ABs with a .307 Batting Average (159 Hits) 16 HR, 74 RBI, 96 R, 9 SB .386 OBP .492 SLG%. That OBP it what should stand out to you come draft day, that .386 is Justin Pedroia numbers. 2B is a little deeper than in the past and if you miss out on the 3-5 elite performers you should grab Kipnis. The best move would to be having a Pedroia, Cano, or Uggla at 2B and then slot Kipnis as your MI. He has the potential to be a great sleeper on draft day and will be able to be scooped up in the mid-teen rounds. My projections for him are: 75R, 15HR, 70RBI, 15SB while hitting .271 and if you are in OBP leagues he helps even more.
Grady Sizemore OF
When his own team comes out saying they do not expect Sizemore to play 150 games this year that is a major red flag. Coming off back to back years of arthroscopic surgery and not having any off season work out regiment coupled with no other teams offering any type of contract makes me think, no realize he is now in the twilight of a once promising career. That is also why Cleveland only offered a 1 year deal.  Still only 29, the previous 30/30 late 1st round pick is not worth a draft choice at this time. With the bad knees his SB will be nearly void and he never had a good eye to hit for a high BA. His batting average over the last 3 years, with nearly 1000 ABs, is only .235 ouch! I truly believe his days as a lead off hitter are over too. Look for him to bat 7th to start the year. My projections are on the high side: 61R, 15HR, 41 RBI, 2SB .245

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