Saturday, January 28, 2012


The Toronto Blue Jays are a team on the rise.  With 6 seasons in the 80 win range they just can’t find those extra 10 wins to be competitive through the entire season. With the trade to acquire Santos this could be the start to challenging in the AL East. Now they need to find a couple of back end SP to compete every day in baseball’s toughest division.  They have cornerstones in Bautista and Lawrie and need to turn their other power hitters into hitters that can hit for average too. If they can do that they have the potential to be great.


Brett Lawrie 3B

When I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago Lawrie was the still a little under the radar but now his is being taken as the fifth 3B off the board at MDC. I expect by next month he could be the third; only behind Longo and Beltre. I am ranking him above both Wright and Zimmerman at this point. To me he IS the next Mike Schmidt with speed. I would not be surprised he becomes a 25/25 guy this year while batting clean-up. He will go before the 50th pick overall so if you want him reach for him around in the 3rd round if necessary. My projections for him are: 76R 27HR 88RBI 24SB .285 those are for a 22 year old and future 1st round pick.


Colby Rasmus OF

Coming off his 2010 campaign when his fantasy line was 85R 23HR 66 RBI .276 he was everyone’s next Grady Sizemore. Then came the discussions about his numerous mental lapses and everyday focus for a star player. Next thing he is shipped to Toronto for a SP with only a few months until free agency and a couple of throw in players.  Why would the Cardinals trade someone with such “potential” ? They decided he was not what the hype around him projected. Fast forward 2011; 14HR and hitting .225 that puts him I then David DeJesus and Kosuke Fukudome realm of worthless fantasy OFs. In 2012 he will hit in the 7th or 8th hole in Toronto and should continue to struggle and not bounce back. Toronto only offered a 1 year deal this winter which shows they have prospects in the wings waiting to pounce on his CF job. My Projections are: 55R 15HR 55RBI 9SB .232

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