Friday, January 13, 2012


After a season with the Cy Young/MVP winner Detroit found out they could not ride Verlander’s arm all the way to the World Series. This team has both pitching and hitting and should again contend for the weak AL Central. If this team could have acquired Aramis Ramirez I would have picked them to win the AL pennant. That's another story. They do have some players under the radar and I targeted one on my favs.


Only a handful of pitchers in baseball history have had 30+ starts with a losing record and an era under 3.00. That is what Fister did last year.  If you’re an FIP believer, he was the 12th best pitcher in baseball last year. Ahead of names such as King Felix, Jared Weaver, Cole Hamels, and tons of other elite pitchers. Fister went 8-1 with a 1.79 ERA in 11 appearances (10 starts) down the stretch for Detroit. Now that he is on a contender and away from Seattle he could be 15+ game winner this year. He projects to be the #2 man behind Verlander and has 3 great pitches.   His 7.29 K/9 with Detroit completely dwarfed his 5.49 K/9 during his prior four months in Seattle. So look this year for some regression there, but a happy medium at 6.5K/9 is attainable in Detroit. My projections for Fister are:  14W, 3.55ERA, 1.18WHIP and 142K


The longest tenured player wearing the Old English D is now officially on the back end of his career. Here is a guy that has had an 11 year career in MoTown and was sent down to Toledo for over week last year. The soon to be 35 year old Inge has two major flaws for a 3B. He has more career Ks than hits (1183 to 1081) and .235 career average. To me if you can’t put the bat on the ball you can’t drive in runs. From a fantasy perspective that is what we want, no need, from our drafted hot corner players…many RBIs. He may be a fan favorite but do not look for him to play in even a 100 games this year. Consider this year his swan song.


  1. The Tigers can't ride to the world series on Verlander's arm alone, so they need stronger depth in thier rotation. I know that the Garza rumors have been going aroung big time and the tigers will give the Cubs some prospects including righty Jacob Turner. If this does happen do not expect it until sometime in July. Tiger fans should not worry. I will bet anything they will take the AL Central again unless the indians get on track with one of my main Dominicans Ubaldo Jiminez!! (I wish he was in a Cubs uniform!!)I do expect The tribe to be a problem for the Tigers to take the AL Central. Let's jsut see how both teams are at the All-Star break. Tiger fans do not forget about Miguel Cabrera and his DUI case. DUIs suck! I know! I am very positive that this will not be an issue for him for he is a big bat in Jim Leyland's lineup. A lot of cool things to look for in this upcoming season of MLB! I also want to give BIG UPs to Justin Verlander for making the cover of MLB 2K12 which comes out March 6th. I cannot wait!!!!

  2. OH YEA, Just to let you know how serious the Detriot Tigers are about winning, they are eyeing the Cubans. Check out their offical website.

    1. One of the Cuban OF with 20+ HR power is exactly what Detroit needs. To date I do not think any of MoTowns starting OF of Jackson, Boesch, or Young can give the fans 20+ HR power. All 3 are 15 HR 70 RBI guys no matter wer you place them in the line-up. Like I stated, 3B is a huge concern. Maybe get Trumbo from the Angels and convert him to a 3B. Their bench in average at best too. Any upgrade there would be a huge plus.